Ability and Personality:

The foundation for working together long term

Successful and long lasting cooperation demands trust. Achieving shared objectives and long sighted planning, guarantee being able to grow together; the uniqueness and needs of the client never being allowed to slip out of sight.

Huber Partners AG is an independent, client focussed service organisation. Our core competence is in administration, which covers the analysis of situations, implementation of strategy and ongoing service to our clients. Our clients are wealthy private people and families as well as internationally operating companies, and we produce comprehensive solutions for them of the highest standards.

We aim to be a competent partner for our clients, advising and supporting them in protecting, administering and increasing the value of their investments.

We are characterized by our enthusiasm to serve and our professional ability. We also consider ourselves to be an organisation that listens to what its clients and potential clients have to say, as they are at the centre of a trusted business relationship, and we pay attention to their needs and changing circumstances.

Coming together is a beginning,
Staying together is progress,
Working together is success.

Henry Ford (1863-1947),
Founder of the Ford Motor Company